Hal Elrod

Imagine if you could wake up every morning and better your life. What would you change?

Delivering what is being called the most straightforward approach to perform your best, Hal Elrod’s method has been right in front of us.

It details the true story of a 20-year-old man hit head-on by a drunk driver, who is found dead at the scene. This tragic tale does not end in tragedy. It reveals how each of us can rise above our challenges and limitations to create extraordinary success in our lives. Translated and published in 20 countries, Elrod’s bestselling book has hundreds of thousands of people around the world waking up to their full potential — in life and at work.

Join him as he talks about how to wake up with more energy, motivation, and focus on taking your business to the next level.

Are you ready?

Jon Montgomery (Dinner MC)

Our dinner host knows a thing or two about defying the odds. Jon Montgomery won the gold medal in skeleton racing at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics – beating out his opponent by just 0.07 seconds. He celebrated his victory with his now-famous “beer walk,” reflecting his zest for life, pride in being Canadian, and love for great beer.
Since then, Montgomery has gone on to become a compelling inspirational speaker and the outgoing host of The Amazing Race Canada. Let his contagious personality inspire you to dream big and live bigger.

Nicholas Kusmich

After hitting rock bottom from failed businesses, relationships and life in general, Nicholas Kusmich bounced back and grabbed life by the horns. In a few short years he went from being homeless to building a multimillion dollar business and an internationally recognized personal brand all on his terms.

One of the few speakers who can entertain, inspire and motivate, all while providing practical tips. Nicholas Kusmich is behind some of the highest ROIs for Facebook advertising campaigns. He helps businesses rapidly scale revenue by using his understanding of social behaviour to develop direct response marketing initiatives. Listen to Kusmich’s talk to learn how to generate new leads and increase your revenue efficiently.

Kelly Maniateas

With many accolades in her name and 18 years of experience in real estate, Kelly Maniateas can teach you how to push your business to the next level. Starting out as a front desk receptionist, Maniateas is now on the Top 10 Team in Keller Williams Realty and on Gary Keller’s Top 100 List. Join her as she outlines how to turn a job into a path for your passion and being an effective leader by mastering your emotional intelligence.